Digital Menu Boards – Elevating The Customer Experience

Technology has a significant impact on how consumers think, behave and experience the world around them. In short: it has the power to shape consumer habits. How can you transform your business to adapt to technological advances and meet changing shopper needs?

The tech-savvy consumer of today is surrounded by dynamic content and has come to expect it as a standard in all sales interactions. As one of the fastest-growing industries, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) is discovering new ways of incorporating technology to improve the customer journey.

Over the years, menu options have evolved with consumer tastes; whilst the display method has largely remained the same. Digitized content is a contemporary take on a traditional sales tool. Replacing the printed menu with a digital display means remaining competitive in a world where customers want to interact with their environment.

The static, backlit menu board is fast becoming a thing of the past. Introducing dynamic content that engages the customer on a more impactful level not only makes the sales process easier but helps elevate the overall customer experience. Print displays take time to produce and deploy. A digital alternative saves time and money, allowing owners to focus their marketing to an adaptable medium.

Digital menu boards are all about show and tell. 78% of shoppers say digital signage catches their attention. It isn’t enough to translate static content onto an LED display. The power of technology means QSRs can make the most of their engagement by drawing inspiration from the versatility of the medium.

Introducing a new meal or promoting specials has never been easier. By creating attention-grabbing content, brands can increase the visual impact of the message on the customer. Dynamic content can emphasise targeted campaigns both in positioning and recurrence – an advantage unique to digital. Imagine the hassle-free task of promoting the breakfast menu during certain times, without having to put up posters. Don’t just sell ‘freshness’ – prove it by displaying a video on the food preparation process. Engaging content is informative and enjoyable, keeping the customer entertained while they wait.

Quality control has become convenient. Ensure the consistency of the brand identity and message by managing many franchise sites from a centralised platform. The DMX Content Management System (CMS) allows owners to make quick changes and deploy to multiple sites in just a few clicks. The cloud-based interface means content can be accessed and managed from anywhere in the world.

An elevated in-store journey moves the online shopper back into the brick-and-mortar space. Businesses can elevate the shopping experience by adopting a more customer-centric approach to sales. Introducing sensory solutions like engaging visuals, interactive touchscreens and enjoyable background music – positions the brand as a trend-setter, improves the sales journey and encourages repeat visits.