Elevate the shopping experience and make your store “where I shop”. Leverage innovative retail media solutions across your footprint to distinguish your brand and sell more.


Distinguish your stores and deliver a world-class shopping experience with DMX Retail Digital Signage Solutions.

Leverage innovative, scalable technology to captivate your customers and boost sales throughout every store. From menu boards in full-service departments, digital end caps in centre store, promotional signage in the perimeter or employee engagement in the backroom, the possibilities are endless when you go digital with DMX.


Supermarket Digital Signage

Digital Menu Boards are the easy and affordable way to draw traffic to full-service departments and the food court. With professional ready-made templates, digital displays are appealing to the eye, easy to read and designed to drive big revenue.

Digital Menu Boards are the easy and affordable way to draw traffic to full-service departments and the food court. With professional ready-made templates, digital displays are appealing to the eye, easy to read and designed to drive big revenue.

Digital Endcaps

Your endcaps are more than just bays for weekly specials – they’re an opportunity for tremendous growth throughout your stores. DMX Digital Endcaps make it simple to cross-sell and boost awareness on new and existing products. Maximize every square foot of floor space and embrace the future of grocery.

Transform the way you inform and promote with Smart Digital Shelving. This revolutionary technology is built with durable construction and casing, designed to fit any standard retail gondola. Like all DMX Visual Solutions, Digital Shelving is fast and easy to update, enabling you to reduce costs and reliance on print materials.

Enhance internal communications and get your employees’ attention with Workplace Digital Signage solutions. Recognize a job well done, display job postings and safety tips, share HR information or simply provide quality breakroom entertainment – DMX has you covered with cost-effective solutions that will consistently engage and inform your team.


DMX’s digital signage software systems offer an online content management platform that’s fast, reliable and easy to use. Create content like a pro using professional templates. Schedule and change content on the fly at a single location or across your entire network. Create laser-targeted campaigns that generate powerful results.

Additional capabilities include social media interaction, live content streaming, RSS feeds, touch screens, and more. We also have a team of specialists who can schedule and manage your content on your behalf. The possibilities are endless.


DMX provides and installs high-quality, commercial-grade digital displays and mounting hardware from leading manufacturers. We also offer recommendations on placement and strategy to maximise viewing and drive sales.


As is the case for our media solutions, DMX visual solutions are supported by professional service and installation across Southern Africa. We have a team of professional technicians deployed nationwide.


Take full control of the entire Customer Experience across your footprint with DMX Harmony. An intuitive online content management system makes it easy to centrally manage – and monitor – Digital Signage, Music and Messaging at any store location.

The content management software is supported by the Harmony player – our all-in-one audio & visual media device. Discreet., reliable, and secure, the media player supports two zones of audio and visual content. It’s designed specifically for business use.


Maximum reliability. With the Harmony player, you’ll never have to worry about your screens going dark or slow playback due to an internet disruption. If your internet goes down, the Harmony player continues to playback stored content until network connectivity resumes.

Advanced and on-demand content scheduling. Schedule content and campaigns down to the second at any number of locations. You can even apply changes instantly.

Flexibility. Set varying levels of permission for corporate and store-level users. Maintain brand standards while providing flexibility by store and by region.

Simple implementation. No software to install. The media player is designed for simple plug-and-play installation.

Robust reporting. Quickly access on-demand reporting by location, region or across your footprint.

Vast content library. Choose from dozens of sleek, predesigned templates in multiple layouts, or create your own. Easily upload and store images and videos.

Supports multiple file types. Harmony supports all common HD image and video file types, including HTML5, RSS feeds, live streaming and more.

Expandable storage. From 16 GB to 256 GB of storage, Harmony makes it easy to store a wealth of Music, Messaging, and Digital Signage content.


Integrate automated Messaging with Music to create your own branded audio network in-store.

  • Easily manage and schedule Messaging online
  • Choose from dozens of professional voice talents
  • Enjoy dedicated consultation


Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed signature programs or get hands-on and create your own custom playlists. Work with our professional Music Designers to create a fully-branded soundtrack that your customers won’t hear anywhere else.

  • Reliable playback, 100% commercial-free
  • Fully licensed and screened for business use
  • Updated regularly
  • Multiple delivery options available


Complete the shopping experience with commercial-grade AV systems. Save with competitive pricing from industry leading manufacturers. Backed by professional systems design, local installation and service.

  • High-performance, commercial grade equipment made affordable
  • Conference room AV and more
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Maximum peace of mind from the world’s most experienced Audiovisual provider


Enhance the shopping experience, promote additional products and drive more traffic to specific departments. Contact us today to put the power of Scent Marketing to work in your stores.

  • Choose from 1,600+ fragrances or create your own
  • Multiple delivery systems available
  • Designed for business use – no open flame


Leverage the power of digital signage in your business. Speak to a Customer Experience Consultant.


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