Dickies Creates A Distinct Customer Experience At Flagship Store

Unforgettable brands sell unforgettable experiences.

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, differentiating your business from competitors is paramount. How does a brand with a strong global following reflect their distinct image in store?

Renowned for the quality of their clothing, American apparel brand, Dickies, wanted to honour their 30-year South African heritage by opening the very first store in Southgate Mall, Johannesburg. The challenge was in capturing the energetic, vibrant and youthful image of the brand, without losing the nostalgic ethos that brings people together. To create a shopping experience just as unique, DMX introduced a multi-sensory solution tailor-made for the space.

The retail industry is changing. 78% of shoppers cite the ability to touch, feel and try products as a top reason for shopping in-store. Appealing to the senses and creating multiple touchpoints from door to till point, not only makes the sales process easier, but creates an elevated shopping experience.

Digital signage influences the customer journey. Whether the aim is to entertain or inform – the visual impact of dynamic content is undeniable. Shoppers can view the latest collection and in-store promotions on the commercial-grade LED screen, installed behind the point-of-sale. The DMX cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) allows the retailer to remotely manage the high-resolution imagery in just four easy steps.

Great music deserves the quality that comes from a professional sound system. The professional audio signature in the store can be attributed to the full-range Bose sound system, that includes speakers and an amplifier.

Much like the people who wear the clothing, Dickies remains authentic, uncomplicated and a little rough around the edges. The music in the store had to be as reflective and distinct. To accentuate the young and urban appeal of the store, a mix of Hip hop and dance music was added to the playlist through a cloud-based programme called Mood Mix Pro. With access to over 200 music programmes, store managers can change the mood at the touch of a button.

“Fashion seeps into all areas of popular culture, which is why it is so important that the customer can connect and engage with the brand at store level. When the edginess and vibrance of Dickies apparel is combined with the right music and dynamic digital content – it elevates the customer experience and reinforces the brand message,” Dickies General Manager, Bonolo Moleme

The fit, functionality and quality of the clothing inspires people, young and old to express their individuality. As the first of its kind, the Dickies flagship store had to reflect this image by creating a personalised experience for all customers.

DMX is an industry pioneer with decades of experience, providing on-site sensory marketing solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. Every DMX solution is tailored to fit the specific needs of each brand. The multi-sensory offering includes digital signage, music, content management systems, scenting and other solutions for businesses across industries. DMX customers include prominent industry leaders and represent some of the most identifiable brands.



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