Video Walls: Inspire, Inform, Entertain

Consumer expectations are fast evolving. To remain competitive, retailers need to find innovative ways of engaging customers. As the trendiest and most impactful way to deliver on-brand messaging, a digital signage solution significantly drives sales and enhances the in-store experience.

Interconnected screens that make up a video wall provide the highest quality of customer experience; attracting, informing and inspiring shoppers across all demographics.

We’ve highlighted the most important elements of a video wall that create a lasting impression on customers and ensure a strong ROI.

That First Great Impression

As with any element of the in-store experience – it’s all about the customer. A successful digital signage solution is centred around meeting the expectations of consumers who expect dynamic content as a standard in all interactions.

When it comes to creating an impact, positioning is only second to content. Installing screens at different locations throughout your business yields different results. It’s all about strategically placing the screens at eye-level, in high foot-traffic areas where customers are likely to notice and interact with the display.


We all know the importance of creating that first great impression. Position your brand as cutting-edge and set the tone for a unique in-store experience by placing a video wall at the entrance of a store. Large window displays featuring dynamic content grabs the customer’s attention from a distance, inspiring them to discover more in-store.


Encourage shoppers to browse through the store by installing a video wall behind the checkout area. The display serves as a focal point that leads customers throughout the store, from beginning to end. The idea is to use the signage to inspire greater spending by promoting offerings on a grand scale.


Think ‘new-age art’ by replacing static artwork with a digital alternative in corridors and common areas. Elevate the customer experience and bring waiting areas to life with entertaining content like ambient, lifestyle and branded imagery.

Digital Signage Is Only As Effective As The Content

Dynamic content makes a big statement. 6 in 10 shoppers say engaging video content has a positive impact on their shopping experience. Large digital displays are impressive; but the power to create a lasting impression really lies with the content. Provide a unique and dynamic shopping experience with relevant and engaging visual content.

Going digital saves time and money. A comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) saves on printing costs and deployment by at least 90%. Digital displays also make store transitions easier – allowing marketers to skip tedious overnight installations, changing content in minutes.

Unforgettable brands sell unforgettable experiences. Through our visual solution, we created a unique digital experience with cutting-edge video walls for Sportsmans Warehouse, that has allowed the brand to tell their story and showcase the product range, creating an unforgettable experience for customers.

For a versatile, high-impact solution that leaves a lasting impression on customers and differentiates your brand from competitors, seek out a highly experienced, professional digital signage service provider.

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