About Baglios

Baglios at Montecasino is synonymous with Italian heritage and continues to deliver an authentic and indulgent culinary experience for customers.

The dessert parlour first launched over 10 years ago, bringing their indulgent product range to South Africa (gelatos, sorbets and frozen yoghurts). After completing renovations in November 2019, the family restaurant opened their doors to an updated look and an even newer sound.

The Right Music

At DMX, we don’t simply provide music – we create ambience. 85% of consumers say music has a positive impact on their shopping experience. While one taste of Baglios gelato typically turns first-timers into life-long customers, an underwhelming in-store journey can have customers quickly looking for other options.

Background music is an important part of any business, though many make the mistake of selecting songs based on personal preferences instead of music that secures a strong ROI. The right music puts customers in the mood to buy.


For Baglios, the brief was to use music to bring the strong Italian heritage to life, whilst transporting customers across the world with every spoonful. For the full sonic experience, DMX installed a TOA sound system that includes flushmount speakers and an amplifier. DMX’s cloud-based music interface, Mood Mix Pro, gives managers full control of their music with the ability to customise their sound with bespoke programs and scheduling.

As a nod to its roots, the restaurant’s signature sound is an upbeat mix of Italian lounge instrumentals, timeless acoustics and a treat of contemporary vocalists singing in their native language. In addition – all tracks are screened for explicit lyrics to ensure that they are appropriate for business use.

An unforgettable customer experience boosts foot traffic; increases in-store dwell time and encourages repeat visits. It’s about positively influencing customer behaviour. Every solution in DMX’s suite of immersive sensory solutions that includes digital signage and scenting, is tailored to fit the specific needs of each brand.

“Authenticity is important to us. DMX’s music suite is the acoustic cherry on top that allows us to create an authentic and classic European experience for our customers. It perfectly complements the store and what we stand for,”

– Francois Boshoff, Owner Baglios Indulgent Ice Creams

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Travel Across The Globe With Baglios

Smooth adult-oriented, contemporary Italian music with timeless instrumentals that portray all the flavours of Italy

By: Christiano De Andre, Danilo Stella, Luciano Pavarotti, Mario Lanza


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