Rethinking Retail: Transforming The In-Store Experience

The customer of today expects more from a shopping experience. Beyond the standard greeting at the door – retailers need to invest in tools that help create an immersive and engaging in-store journey.

78% of shoppers say an enjoyable in-store atmosphere plays a key factor in opting to shop in a physical store vs. online. Even with the advent of e-commerce, customers still prefer the tactile experience of shopping in a physical store; but what differentiates brick-and-mortar from its digital counterpart? A premium customer experience.

Customer experience is the lasting impression that you leave on the shopper; and how that impression influences buying behaviour and in turn, how it affects brand loyalty. As customer experience consultants, DMX tells your story through sensory solutions that put your customers in the mood to buy.

When it comes to creating a visual impact – out of sight is out of mind. Digital signage brings the brand story to life through captivating video content. It attracts shoppers from a distance, engages them in-store and triggers impulse buying. Eye-catching, dynamic imagery ensures a strong ROI and beats monotonous static displays on impact any day.

Video walls are impressive, but what makes digital superior to its print predecessor is content management. The DMX cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) allows marketers to upload content from anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds. Going digital also makes scalability possible. Manage multiple screens and sites from a centralised platform. It’s that simple!

In a time of shared experiences, forward-thinking retailers are creating transformative digital environments hyper-personalised for shoppers. The contemporary customer expects a seamless shopping experience on and offline. Interactive screens are where the digital and physical store meet: retailers can bring the convenience of e-commerce in-store by adding digital touchpoints for an omnichannel journey. Wayfinding kiosks and wall-mounted displays are a powerful, intuitive technology that puts the digital native customer in the driver’s seat of their own in-store journey.

Once the attractive content has captured the shopper’s attention, how do you keep them engaged? We don’t just sell music, we sell ambience. More than half of shoppers warn that they will disengage if the music is ‘unfitting’ or unpleasant. The right background music has the power to positively influence shopping behaviour. The key is to use music that expresses the spirit of your brand to create the ideal in-store atmosphere.

78% of shoppers say an enjoyable in-store atmosphere plays a key factor in opting to shop in a physical store vs. online

With a catalogue of over 200 music programmes across genres, DMX helps businesses to curate their signature sound. We use the emotive power of music to create an environment where customers want to spend their time and money. In addition, we’ve partnered with leading brands to deliver a superior audio output through premium sound systems because professional hardware means quality sound.

An unforgettable customer experience boosts foot traffic; increases in-store dwell time and encourages repeat visits. It’s about how you want your customers to feel in your space and how that influences their choices. Of all five, our sense of smell has the strongest connection to emotion and memory. A pleasant scent enhances the mood and has the power to transform perceptions. Maximise the in-store experience with a hint of fragrance that speaks to the essence of your brand.

The elevated brick-and-mortar experience goes beyond the final sale – it’s memorable. Tell your brand story through the senses and create an experience your customers will never forget. Get in touch with a DMX Customer Experience Consultant today.


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