Driving Sales With Digital Signage in Automotive

Visualise this: a high-definition LED display that greets potential buyers as they enter the showroom floor, telling the car story beyond the chrome – from the torque of the engine to the interior design. That first great impression is cemented by the captivating content that immerses customers in the brand and results in a strong ROI.

The impact of digital signage is undeniable. 58% of consumers say engaging video content has a positive impact on their shopping experience. For an industry that’s well versed in the art of visual branding, this means using captivating content to create a seamless purchasing experience, impressing even the digital native customer who has information at their fingertips.

Unlike its print predecessor, digital displays bring the wow factor to the showroom floor, featuring benefits and answering questions in the most efficient way. Going digital is about transforming the on-site customer experience whilst remaining true to the brand. The DMX cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) also allows dealerships to update content to multiple screens and sites, significantly reducing printing costs and deployment time.

Leading car brands are transforming showrooms around the globe to create the ultimate customer journey. DMX partnered with Volvo Hillcrest to deliver a premium in-store experience unique to the dealership. The four LED displays were installed with the brand’s customer-centric approach in mind and are easily managed with a user-friendly CMS interface.

Running a dealership in the same old way is a recipe for stagnation. Dealerships need to provide a unique digital experience to remain competitive. Elevate the on-site experience – #GoDigital:

Video Walls

Video walls command attention. Their ability to span over a large area means the content is unmissable and unmistakably impactful. Inspire action – turn imagination into visualisation by featuring a vehicle in motion, performing at its best. Dynamic content also entertains customers while they wait and entices them to want to jump in for a test drive.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays put customers in the driver’s seat of their own experience. Digital touchpoints personalise the journey by allowing buyers to look through car specifications and capabilities in detail and conduct a comparison between models. Empower customers through tailored experiences by pulling real-time information that helps them build their dream car: from selecting the model, to altering the colour and features.

Digital A-Frames

Creating a lasting impression goes beyond the initial sale. In the service section of the dealership, long waiting periods can be frustrating. Use a portable A-frame to keep customers informed on which stage of the servicing their vehicle is in. Visuals speak a universal language – eliminate the confusion that jargon causes by helping customers understand the process better through imagery.

Digital disruption is the key to success in automotive. When paired with other ambient ingredients like enjoyable background music and evocative scenting, digital signage creates an immersive and memorable journey for all who engage with it. DMX uses sight, sound, scent and touch elements to influence mood and inspire action. When you change the mood – you change the outcome.

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