Key Benefits of Digital Signage In Healthcare

The long waiting periods and a disorientating hospital design can make an already stressful experience even more challenging; but this is changing. Like all evolving industries, healthcare is finding innovative ways to elevate the patient experience and streamline processes.

From small practices to large hospital networks – an improved patient journey is fast becoming a priority. Done right, introducing a cutting-edge digital signage solution to a dynamic environment like a healthcare facility can significantly improve the overall visitor and staff experience.

The patient journey is defined by accessibility, inclusivity and staff management. Captivating visual displays are a highly impactful sensory solution that can help optimise daily operations. Here’s how:

Entertain Visitors While They Wait

Waiting periods feel longer when unexplained and unstimulating. Reduce the perception of long waiting times by engaging customers with enticing content on a video wall in the waiting area. Unlike regular television, commercial-grade screens are made to stand the test of time, can display multiple forms of content on a single display (news feed, topical health information); and allows the facility to curate the message by filtering out non-family friendly content.

Digital signage is also an effective queue management tool that can help alleviate frustration and anxiety by letting patients know who’s next in line. Promote self-service with an interactive touchscreen – allow visitors to update their information, schedule appointments and manage payments.

Make On-Site Navigation Easy

An intuitive digital signage application can help visitors navigate through a large hospital. A wayfinding kiosk is a directory information system that can reduce passageway congestion and make navigating through the space manageable. Unlike a static map, an interactive interface personalises the on-site experience and gives patients a better sense of safety and security.

#GoDigital With Menu Boards

Introduce a touch of digital to the cafeteria experience by replacing the outdated, print menu boards with an electronic alternative. Digital menu boards are a contemporary take on a traditional sales tool and create the ultimate visitor journey. Go digital – promote healthier food options with engaging video content or update the lunch menu in minutes.

Optimise Staff Communication

Elevating the healthcare experience is intrinsically linked to the effectiveness of the patient management process. Replace static noticeboards with a digital alternative that allows managers to update content in four easy steps. Engage and inform staff on policies, procedural changes and training opportunities. In addition, handheld devices make accessing patient records and staff schedules quick and efficient.

Going digital is an economical and efficient way to communicate, reducing printing costs and content deployment time by at least 90%. Through DMX’s cloud-based Content Management System (CMS), content can be customised and deployed to multiple screens and locations from a centralised platform.

Patients choose hospitals based on the amenities. Going digital not only modernises visitor engagement, but creates a superior patient journey, from start to finish.

For a superior healthcare experience with a significant ROI – #GoDigital. Enquire now.


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