Go Digital: Directory Signage

If you’ve ever struggled to navigate your way around while worrying about being late for an appointment – you’ll understand the importance of wayfinding signage. Not a new concept, especially for industries where space is a commodity. Over time, the technology has evolved along with consumer behaviour.

With GPS features coming standard with every smartphone, customers have grown accustomed to clicking their way around. It only makes sense to digitise the old, static ‘You Are Here’ map into something more interactive and immersive. A virtual concierge that makes on-site navigation easier and more convenient.

The Cost of Getting Lost

Spatial problem-solving can be a challenge for businesses operating in complex buildings.  Digital signage can change that!

At least 1 in 7 travellers miss their flights daily

Getting lost is time-consuming and frustrating

Imagine a solution that could reduce the time and frustration it takes to navigate through large spaces like airports, hospitals and malls. While directory boards are nothing new – data rich ‘smart’ systems operate dynamically to determine the best route to a destination. #GoDigital with an on-brand wayfinding solution that boosts efficiency.

Walk Up. Touch. Explore

When it comes to impressing the customer of today: give them a meaningful and thoughtful experience or nothing at all.

ATTRACT Digital directories are reinventing the customer experience. Think eye-catching screens with dynamic imagery that make each interaction manageable and memorable. A well-placed screen is an effective marketing tool, allowing brands to target customers with curated, on-brand content.

INFORM Digital signage has a strong impact on people as it increases the range of information available to customers. Used right – interactive screens are a powerful tool for sharing valuable information. Keep visitors informed on the latest specials, feature today’s weather and latest news.

ENGAGE Elevating the customer experience is the response to meeting the common needs of customers. Going digital gives brands that opportunity. Unlike its print predecessor, a digital kiosk personalises the on-site experience and gives patients a better sense of safety and security.

Cloud-based CMS - Update content in 4 easy steps

Successful signage is enticing, intuitive and accessible

It’s not about if, but when you go digital. Get in touch with a Customer Experience Consultant today.  


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