Music Video

Capture Their Attention with music videos, and/ or your own video content (ads, logos). The iS manages video content with accompanying audio in conjunction with your music program so the two don’t compete for air time.Imagery can entertain and transport your patrons, and it can be an important marketing tool for your business.

Many businesses use conventional television, but the problem is that it is not geared for business. Your competitors’ advertisements may appear and diminish your customer’s experience with your brand and certain programming can offend the senses. We have a vast content library so you can select the solution which best suits your business.

By using DMX, you can connect with your customers and support your business goals.

ProFusion iS

A completely integrated media experience.
The future is here with the ProFusion® iS digital media manager. Powerful and affordable, the all-in-one iS is DMX’s latest system capable of delivering music, audio messaging, and HD video content.

The iS provides total control over what your customers hear and see. Flexible scheduling, dual-zone audio and single-zone video capability, management features and more, make it the only delivery system you’ll need to provide an engaging experience for your customers.


Automatic – Easy Content Management.
Automatic scheduling allows you to change your vibe or tempo by the minute, hour, day, week, or season—switch your content schedule at any time.

Reliable – Field and Time-tested.
DMX pioneered on-premise music players with reliable, flexible software for commercial environments over a decade ago. ProFusion is field tested and remains the industry leader.

Flexible – Multiple Update Options.
Secure Ethernet updates deliver data quickly, dramatically reducing the time it takes to receive music and message updates. The iS also supports disc updates with an optional built-in DVD-ROM drive.

Powerful – Multiple Zone Possibilities.
Two zones of audio, each with independent scheduling capability, and one video output create a world of possibilities. Play music in one area and a different kind in another; or connect one audio output to your phone system for music and messaging on hold. And don’t forget your video output.

Simple – Effortless Operation.
Built-in display allows for easy adjustments to settings and shows music, messaging, and video information. Automatic dayparting and other features make the iS as hands-free as possible.

  • Plug and Play device
  • Compatible with all Commercial Sound Systems
  • Over 200 Styles to Choose From
  • Expertly Programmed
  • Uninterrupted 24 / 7
  • Choice of up to 10 Music Styles loaded on one device
  • Each style consists of hundreds of tracks belonging to a specific genre
  • Monthly Update Refreshes Each Style
  • Updates are done via Network/ Disc sent to your business
  • “Dayparting” technology changes style according to the time of day
  • Hands-free means your staff are unable to change the sound of your business