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Running a dealership in the same old way is a recipe for stagnation. Today, impressing the potential buyer is about creating an unforgettable showroom experience. From the moment customers step into the Volvo Cars FMGH dealership (based in Hillcrest, Durban); they are met with engaging visual content that puts them in the driver’s seat without getting the taillights over the curb.

Going Digital

Visualise an engaging digital display that greets potential buyers as they enter the showroom floor, showcasing the latest models in high definition – from the torque of the engine to safety features and design. If it isn’t the sheer size of the displays, it’s the attractive content that engages buyers and drives interest.

The automotive industry is well-versed in the art of visual branding and understands how appearance can influence buying behaviour. Creating that ‘wow’ factor in the dealership with captivating content leads to stronger customer engagement, encourages brand loyalty, and significantly improves conversion rates.

Unlike its print predecessor, digital signage tells the car story beyond the chrome, featuring benefits and answering questions in the most efficient way. DMX’s full turnkey visual solution includes a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) that allows managers to update content on the fly across the entire network, from a centralised platform. The easy-to-use software includes professional templates and scheduling capabilities, making it simpler to create laser-targeted campaigns that generate powerful results.


To Volvo Cars FMGH, it’s more than just a showroom. It’s an engine for driving the ultimate customer journey. The dealership partnered with DMX to create an unforgettable experience that speaks to the brand’s strong customer-centric values, by introducing a cutting-edge digital signage solution.

Accompanying customers through the showroom are four 2×4 LED displays, installed in time for the grand opening. DMX’s experience and expertise is well-represented by our professional team of local installers and technicians who worked meticulously to match Volvo’s well-known craftsmanship though the 3-day installation. The result: a captivating digital experience.

The displays play an integral part of the dealership’s customer-centric approach to sales. It’s the celebration of life-changing moments that has a strong emotional impact. On delivery of a vehicle, every new owner is met with a personalised congratulatory message on one of the displays, while another is dedicated to an engaging photo gallery of all their happy customers.

“We value our customers and their experience. The screens make it easier to celebrate the big moments and create long-lasting connections. It has a strong emotional impact that consistently delivers.”

– Bronwyn Fynn, GM Marketing FMGH Volvo Cars

Digital signage in automotive sets the tone with engaging visual content and creates a fully integrated in-dealership digital experience. For Volvo Cars FMGH, it’s all about incorporating the best of today’s technology to elevate the customer experience and ultimately driving sales.

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