Rethinking Retail: Create The Ultimate Holiday In-Store Experience
Deck the halls with familiar sights, sounds and scents; from festive lights to that all-time favourite Christmas song.

For the busiest time of the year, it is crucial that retailers get the in-store experience right. One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating an environment designed to increase in-store dwell time and encourage repeat visits. At DMX, we use on-site solutions to create a sensory eco-system that puts customers in the mood to buy.

The in-store atmosphere can have a significant impact on a customer’s journey, especially when it comes down to intangible elements like the store layout and visuals. To create a lasting impression on customers, retailers need to find innovative ways of revamping the standard window and in-store displays. Digital signage captivates shoppers with engaging content and triggers impulse buying. As the trendiest and most impactful way to deliver on-brand messaging, a full turnkey visual solution creates the ultimate customer experience.

Holiday shopping can be chaotic. Create an interactive and entertaining retail environment that appeals to the senses as much for adults as it does for children. Give the gift of inspiration by showcasing seasonal promotions on a video wall; or introduce a modern, grown-up version of Santa with a touchscreen that customers can plug their ‘wish list’ onto.

Visuals and scent follow a similar pattern – they can both affect a shopper’s experience. When paired with other sensorial elements, scent has the power to evoke feelings of familiarity that make the journey memorable. Scenting during the holidays is more than just a ‘Christmas smell’ – it’s about the ability to trigger emotion and create lasting brand-customer relationships.

All ambient ingredients considered – nothing captures the holiday spirit quite like music. There’s a science to creating the perfect ambience – it’s not just music, but the right music that matters. Music has the power to influence buying behaviour. The right background music elevates the overall customer experience. Many retailers make the mistake of deviating from their signature sound during the festive season. The DMX background music offering includes access to over 30 festive music programs that can be customised for each environment. Amp up your ambience, download our Holiday Music Best Practice Guide.

Experiential retail is all about cementing a superior customer experience while remaining true to the brand identity. Many businesses depend on the seasonal high foot traffic to drive sales, but only forward-thinking retailers that understand the kind of purchasing environment shoppers desire and deliver on a superior in-store journey, will come out on top.

Create an experience your customers will never forget – get in touch with a DMX Customer Experience Consultant today.