Interactive Displays: Adding A ‘Touch’ of Digital To The In-Store Experience

When it comes to shopping in a physical store – customers expect more. They want a more immersive and memorable in-store journey that resembles the online experience that they enjoy; and allows them to connect with the brand on a personal level.

As we enter the digital era in retail, innovative brands that are willing to incorporate technology into their physical stores – will win the contemporary shopper over. To remain competitive, retailers need to focus on optimizing the customer experience across all touchpoints to ensure a smooth omnichannel transition.

Interactive touchscreens are an attractive digital technology that captivate and empower customers to control their shopping experiences. The application can range from stand-alone kiosks, wall-mounted screens or hand-held tablets; and can serve as a powerful tool to help shoppers and businesses throughout the buying process.

By integrating digital platforms in the physical store, retailers provide shoppers with a more engaging and convenient in-store journey. There are several ways to use interactive screens to elevate the customer experience:


Give the power back to customers who are accustomed to using a digital platform to shop (online) by enabling them to browse through the product catalogue and place orders for items that are not available in-store.


Keep customers up to date with the latest in in-store promotions; or give them access to explainer videos on the product journey. Automate back-of-house operations like stock-taking and internal staff video content on handheld devices.


Captivating content can entertain shoppers while they wait. Touchscreens also puts them in the driver’s seat of their own experience. The DMX Social Mix interface gives customers the opportunity to curate the store playlist by using an app to vote for the next song to play.

Successful digital signage must be enticing, intuitive and accessible. A seamless fusion of the digital and physical store – creating a transformative digital experience for the tech-savvy customer. Adding an element of ‘touch’ to the in-store journey works well in partnership with the other sensorial elements like enjoyable background music and evocative scenting, to create the ultimate in-store experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Retailers know that consumers can be won or lost in a single interaction. In the era of shared experiences, creating a lasting impression is tantamount to customer retention. Incorporating technology to engage with customers in meaningful and creative ways creates repeated positive experiences and cultivates strong customer-brand relationships.

Interactive technology is the future of retail. Get ahead of the game. Send us an enquiry today.