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TFG (The Foschini Group) offers a comprehensive portfolio of 21 local retail brands that include fashion, footwear, jewelry, sportswear, mobile phones and technology: as well as one of the most recognizable homeware brands, @Home.

With a footprint of over 3 000 stores across Africa, all of which boast an excellent in-store experience, TFG recently opened a flagship @home store at the Canal Walk shopping center in Cape Town.


According to the Shopper Sentiments 2021 study by Mood Media, 17% of consumers globally are now spending more time and money in-store compared to their pre-pandemic levels. As well as adapting to consumer interests, the way retailers trade has never been more different from pre-COVID years.

As a result – marketing efforts have also had to adapt.

As consumers are naturally drawn to screens, it is estimated that at least 8/10 shoppers enter a store because a digital display has caught their attention. For @home, this provided an opportunity to create an unforgettable in-store experience that speaks to the traditional ‘touch and feel’ appeal of a brick-and-mortar store while engaging customers and maximizing floor space with digital signage.


Successful brands differentiate themselves by engaging shoppers at every stage of the customer journey. One of the ways retailers achieve this is by drawing the digital experience into physical stores through digital signage.

Printed signs only capture shopper interest for as long as it takes to read them, but when content moves – it draws shoppers in both visually and physically.

With dynamic displays, stores have the real estate to display more product information for customers to reference. They allow you to free up floor space to offer a high-tech, visual way to relay the brand story. Scalable and easily updated, retail solutions provide more flexibility and control, making it easier to upsell and cross-sell – without having to double staff.

“Digital signage has enhanced the shopping experience by adding a new level of sophistication. All our content is aspirational/inspirational as opposed to hard selling. Each screen creates an intimate experience tailored to that department. The content is designed to sell a lifestyle as opposed to selling commodity.”

– Chris Swart – MD: Specialist Retail & Chief Customer Officer


To compliment the store layout, DMX designed and installed retail-ready solutions like built-in LED displays, shelf displays, an interactive shelf display and mounted promo screens throughout the store.

Multiple screen zones make it easy to demonstrate product use to customers and promote seasonal items. The cloud-based content management software allows the team to update content on the fly across all screens from a central platform. The result is an engaging fully-branded experience – with no competitor content.

Introducing digital signage into your store opens a whole world of possibilities for product promotion, serving customers, and enhancing the overall in-store experience. That’s why digital display installations are growing by nearly 40% year on year, with retail as the fastest adopter.

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